Young Driver Media Training

by Maren Braun


who you are!

What do we know about a driver? Sometimes not more than his name and starting number …

Only when he takes off his helmet, we see the person behind the visor - and he can show us, who he really is!


Because media work is an important part of a racing driver’s job. Every interview for TV or social media is a chance to connect to the fans, to give something in return to your sponsors and to attract new ones.  It’s your ‚SHOWtime‘ and a wonderful way of sharing your passion for racing. It will all come back to you!

So you better don’t hide away …

We make you REFLECT

Most people only know a driver through media. This is the moment they can ‚meet’ him, see his personality, share his emotions …

It’s mainly the media appearance that shapes the image of a driver - are you happy with yours?

SHARE your

view of things!

The driver’s perspective is so unique - only he can take us through his exciting journey of every single race …


The fans enjoy watching a race - but it gets so much more exciting when they can share your perspective. They want to join you on your journey, see through your eyes. You can do things that they can’t do, and it’s your passion, your joy, your dedication for your sport that inspires them.

You just have to tell about it!

Media Training -   WHY WITH ME?

    … because I spent the last 30 years as a presenter interviewing drivers from many different racing categories all over the world - so I know exactly what I have to prepare them for.

    … because my media training combines on-site practice with online-coaching on a regular basis for at least two months during the racing season. This way we can analyse interviews from the race weekends and make sure that everything learnt is implemented step by step.

    … because I speak five languages and always find a way to communicate, even if your English or German is not yet the best. So especially for drivers speaking Spanish, French or Italian, some language training and racing vocabulary in English or German (if needed) is always part of our program.

My Training


With the experience of more than 25 years as a TV journalist in motorsports, I know very well that it’s the individual personality of a racing driver that makes a difference. So I will not teach ‚my‘ youngsters to just do what all the others do, but help them to find their own style to present themselves in front of a camera or microphone. I’ll show them how to feel more comfortable in an interview and encourage them to show who they really are!

Because the best stories in (motor)sports are written by real characters …


Maren Braun

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Photo Credits:  Thanx to Samir Zorlak & Jürgen Tap